Boulder Valley CPA is excited to welcome Rudy Murdock, our newest accountant, who brings a unique combination of skills and experience to help take our clients’ businesses to the next level. Although Rudy just graduated, he has the drive and dedication of a seasoned professional. Read on to learn more about how Rudy will be a game-changing addition to our team.

“We only succeed if our clients succeed.”

As a recent graduate, Rudy has that fire and grit that come with the desire to make an impact. He is eager to roll up his sleeves and fully immerse himself in each client’s financial situation. Rudy understands that getting to the core of a business means research, analysis, and dedication. He knows that he needs to dig deep in order to provide maximum value. Rudy isn’t going to just briefly answer questions; he is in it for the long haul.

This determination to go the extra mile gives Rudy an edge for our clients. He wants to put in the time to understand the ins and outs of a business to help identify opportunities and minimize risks. Rudy knows that by digging into the details, he can gain key insights to drive strategy. This allows him to provide more tailored guidance. Rudy’s readiness to do the hard work makes him a rising superstar.

The Financial Impact of Proactive Planning  

Rudy understands that proper planning is the key to building sustained success. This means having processes and systems in place for the future, not just from quarter to quarter. Rudy has a passion for advising clients on how to set their businesses up to maximize profitability and minimize tax liability over the long run. 

By taking a consultative role and looking ahead, Rudy enables clients to anticipate potential pitfalls and capitalize on upside opportunities. His planning allows clients to head off threats before they escalate into major issues. Rudy knows that being proactive dramatically increases the likelihood of financial security. He wants to make sure clients are built to not just survive but thrive.

A Personal Connection to Entrepreneurship 

Rudy has an intimate understanding of the challenges small business owners face because he grew up surrounded by entrepreneurship. With a contractor father and a mother who founded multiple startups, Rudy experienced firsthand the trials of starting, running, and growing a business. 

He went through the ups and downs of cash flow, expansion, and reinvestment with his family. Rudy has seen the blood, sweat, and tears that go into building a company from the ground up. This gives him a unique empathy and appreciation for the clients he serves now.

Rudy understands what it takes to create success as well as the stresses and risks involved. His personal history shapes his dedication and drive to help his clients win. Rudy has walked in their shoes.

The Whole Package

With Rudy’s addition, Boulder Valley CPA continues to build on our advisory resources for our clients. Rudy brings unparalleled energy and commitment in his work. He offers both analytical

horsepower as well as emotional intelligence derived from his background. 

Rudy wants to get into the nuts and bolts while also guiding with wisdom beyond his years. His core focus on building long-term profitability and creating security makes him a tremendous resource. We couldn’t be more thrilled to have Rudy as part of the team and know our clients will see immediate value.

When he is not crunching numbers, you can find Rudy outdoors – he is an avid skier. He also loves spending time with his dog Scout. We are so glad Rudy chose to join Boulder Valley CPA. He is going to accomplish amazing things and we can’t wait for our clients to experience the value he brings to the table!