At Boulder Valley CPAs, we strive to build meaningful relationships with our clients by providing proactive, strategic advice to help them achieve their business and financial goals. That’s why we’re excited to introduce Danielle Shaw, our new Director of Client Accounting and Advisory Services. 

Evolving to Better Serve Our Clients

Over the past year, we’ve reimagined what a true partnership looks like between business owners and their trusted advisors. Taxes and accounting are complicated – making strategic decisions for your business and personal finances can feel overwhelming. That’s why we’ve focused on delivering reliable, objective, and value-driven services to give our clients the clarity, confidence, and foresight they deserve. 

Danielle shares our vision of moving beyond commoditized services to become proactive advisors and contributors to our clients’ success. As she says, “Tax returns are just part of the process, and we are more valuable when we are looking at the business as a whole.”

Introducing 360 Degree Support

In her new role, Danielle will lead a team focused on providing 360 degree support in four key areas:

  1. Enhanced Insights for Smarter Decisions

By improving collaboration between our firm and clients, we’ll help you make faster, data-driven decisions to improve financial performance. Our technology investments allow us to provide real-time insights into your business’s key metrics and industry benchmarks.

  1. Proactive Planning for Long-Term Success 

Rather than buying a piece of financial history, we want to help you plan proactively for the future. Danielle’s team will take a comprehensive view of your business and personal finances to inform strategies that help you achieve your why – whether that’s growing your business or planning for retirement.

  1. Streamlined Efficiency

We’re committed to making it easy to work with us. Danielle will oversee improvements to increase team accessibility, leverage technology to enhance client service, and refine processes to boost collaboration.

  1. Focusing on Your Goals

Most importantly, Danielle will ensure our advisory services are tailored to your unique vision. This allows you to focus on what matters most, while we handle the numbers, taxes, and proactive planning to turn your goals into reality.

We’re thrilled to have Danielle spearheading our mission of delivering unmatched client service. Contact us today at (720) 663-8750 to learn more about how our business advisory services can help your business thrive.

It’s your business. Run it, grow it, enjoy it, exit- on your terms.