Merger: Frequently Asked Questions

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Is your name changing?

Yes, as a combined entity, Boulder Valley CPAs will become Accountability Services effective 1/1/24.

Is Ernie leaving?

Absolutely not. One of the huge advantages of this merger is that combined, we have more tax and accounting experts across the firm. This will put Ernie in the position to be solely focused on proactive advisory and strategy work vs. being in the weeds of compliance work that can be handled by our expanded team.

How will the merger benefit me as a Boulder Valley CPA client?

There are a couple of huge benefits for our clients that we are very excited about.

First, our service packages are expanding. Our vision is to meet our clients where they are and help them generate more post- tax wealth. You will have the opportunity to choose which package makes the most sense for you as an individual or business depending on what you are wanting to achieve financially- both individually and for business owners. We’ll have more information about the specifics of these packages in your engagement email coming your way soon!

Second, we recognized that many of our clients need that proactive and strategic partner to help them make important financial and tax-related decisions as they pursue their goals. Merging the two firms allowed us to expand our tax and accounting resources, so that we could focus Ernie’s time and expertise on the more strategic advisory conversations.

Third, as a combined firm, you get the benefit of twice as many brains and double the tax and financial expertise when it comes to tax and financial strategy for businesses and individuals.

Will there be any changes to my fees as a result of the merger?

Our services were already closely aligned, but the cool thing about this merger is that we’ve created packages that meet you where you are. You’ll have the opportunity to choose which package meets your needs in the engagement email that is coming out later this year.

Will we still work with the same people?

For the most part, yes. However, one of the huge advantages of this merger is the wider array of resources we have as a combined firm. Our teams will be integrated for an enhanced client experience. For example, Ernie won’t be doing tax returns going forward, because we have highly experienced tax and accounting resources who can complete tax returns. This will allow Ernie to focus his time on the story that is inside the return and what it means to you for financial planning and decision making looking forward.

Will the location of the firm change?


What changes should I expect in the way services are delivered?

No changes there. The only change you may experience is that if Ernie was filling out your tax return before, it will be someone else who does that work while Ernie advises you on financial decisions you need to consider based on your goals for 2024.

Will the merger affect the timing or manner of any of my financial reporting?

Not at all.

    Will there be new services or specialties available?

    We’ve spent the past 2 years evolving our business model to provide proactive business advisory services. That isn’t changing- in fact- we are taking that to the next level, recognizing that it is important to meet business owners and individuals where they are. So, we’ve built out 3 packages that you will be able to choose from in your upcoming engagement email. 

    We won’t be doing payroll going forward, but there are no other services that we’re discontinuing.

    How will the merger affect current staff?

    It’s actually very exciting for us. Last year we won the Rookie of the Year Award from Thomson Reuters, and Accountability Services won Firm of the Year. So, both firms were recognized for our re-definition of what an accounting firm does and the value we deliver for clients like you. Now that we are combined, we have more resources, advisors, and deeper expertise to serve even more clients.

    What is the timeline?

    1/1/24 we will all be Accountability Services.

    Does this mean I might be working with someone out of Seattle now?

    Yes, you might, but the entire original Boulder Valley CPA team isn’t going anywhere. Another thing that is exciting about this merger is the fact that client experience is a priority. We are going to be implementing a service level standard started by Accountability Services that keeps you updated on the progress of your return during tax season. And, we’ll be guaranteeing a 2 business day turnaround for clients with questions during tax season when emailing a designated email address. Essentially, we’ll be able to be consistent with a faster response, and you get the advantage of more people/more brains focused on your work.

    Is there anything I need to do differently now ?

    We are upgrading your client portal, so you’ll have a new one, and we’ll let you know exactly how to access it. The new portal is a big enhancement. You can upload documents just like you are used to doing, but you can also use a mobile app where you can take pictures of documents and upload them from your phone. You’ll also be able to view your action items from our Team, complete your organizer, and even view your invoice/payment history.

    And, keep your eyes on your email box late for the engagement email late December, and let us know if you have any questions. We are so excited to get ahead of the game in 2024 and help our clients crush their business and financial goals.