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Running a business without a trusted advisor is leaving money on the table.

Without a proactive CPA who can educate you and help you make strategic financial decisions, you limit your opportunity to use the tax code to your advantage and build the lifestyle you envision.

Our clients enjoy a re-imagined partnership between business owner and trusted advisor.

Elevate your game.

Together, we translate your goals into a strategic business, tax, and accounting plan.

Seeing is believing.

We prove that anything is possible for business owners when they have proactive tax and financial guidance.

Reach the peak.

You enjoy a clear vision for your business from growth to exit and the opportunity to accumulate wealth.


“My former CPA was good, but she couldn’t handle all of our finances. My company was aggressively growing at a rate of 30% year-over-year. Ernie looked at the big picture and said, ‘Hey, this is what you’re going to need to do to keep up with that demand. Because you’ve hit a certain volume in numbers, you’re going to need to spend money here and on this.’ He had a vision.”

Gareth Richards
Founder and CEO, Outdoor Prolink

“We needed a ‘there’s no such thing as a stupid question’ environment. We got that with Ernie, but he also exceeded any expectations we had by giving such sound, actionable advice on an ongoing basis. Honestly, from a true startup with one employee to where we are today, Ernie has been there for us.”

Joshua Jackson
Founder and CEO, The Music Room

“Along the way, Ernie has given Melissa and me sound guidance on the tax side of things, but he’s also helped us choose the right tools for our business at the right time and has been instrumental in introducing us to some key people that have helped us get over significant hurdles Over the past few years, he’s been there for us through a few rounds of financing. First, to acquire our commercial property and then to retrofit it to our needs. And now, to complete a 10,000 square-foot addition, which tripled our space.”

Joshua Jackson
Founder and CEO, The Music Room

“It’s about more than just learning financial basics and how to do my taxes. It’s about changing my mindset. Instead of seeing myself as a dentist with my own business, I now see myself as a dentist and an entrepreneur. I couldn’t have gotten here without a strong accounting firm that I trust implicitly.”

Dr. Karen Verga
Founder, Smithtown Pediatric Dental

Business owners need a business and tax expert in their corner who doesn’t judge past actions or relationships.

We’ve helped hundreds of business owners achieve financial success they didn’t know was possible. You deserve a trusted CPA advisor who can put all of the pieces of your playing field together and coach you across the finish line.

Download your free guide and learn what you should be asking your CPA and why.

So, now what?

1. Schedule a consultation.

We want to hear your story and learn about your goals and challenges.

2. Create a plan.

Together, we’ll build and execute a plan for the tax and advisory services that will help you achieve your goals.

3. Enjoy your business and exit on your terms.

You get to finally appreciate your business and build the lifestyle you envisioned.

It’s your business. Run it, grow it, enjoy it, exit.

At Boulder Valley CPAs, we realize that business owners want a clear vision for growth through exit from their company. In order to get there, you need a knowledgeable and trusted professional who is foundational to your success with tax efficiency, business growth, and business exit strategies.

The problem is tax strategy is hard and getting more complex every day. Figuring out how to be tax efficient and make strategic decisions for wealth accumulation can be an overwhelming, even vulnerable position to be in.